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So my friends, a more unlikely group of people I've never seen has come together. We have farmed countless days, saved every copper, and in doing so we have made a new home for ourselves–a place where we can find refuge; where we can find peace and rest from persecution by our enemies.

We of the Parliament invite those who are in the position we Aeolius’ were before we found each other–homeless, penniless, and on the run. But there are stipulations, there are always stipulations. To join the Parliament of Rooks you must adhere to our rules.  If you cannot do so, then the frigid wilds of the north are not for you.

We accept any race and any class into our guild, but I do frown upon elves.  I have never liked the lithe race, so egotistical, so beligerant of others. But if you must play one then perhaps I will tolerate your company, time will tell.*

Procedures on joining:
When online, ask for a recruiting officer or inner council member about joining.  They will help you.

Register and post on our message boards in the "Joining the Parliament" forum.  Give your in-game name and times you play.  Also, e-mail a screen shot(s) of your Character Select Screen(s) (this is for security purposes, no information is shared) to an email address that will be pm'd to you.

Once you have joined the guild please post in the "Access" forum so you can get access to the guild only forums.

Our recruiting officers are . . . **

*The above guild race and class restrictions are based upon our original charter. However, these restrictions will vary depending on what server PoR makes it's home on. Any information about such restrictions will be made on the message boards, so keep informed and visit often—not just for SB related information, but also to hang out and chat a while.

**The best way of finding a Recruiting Officer or IC member is to either post on our boards or do a /who, find a rook and ask.