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The following information is the Code of Conduct (CoC) and Rules for our guild. I have tried to develop a CoC and Ruleset that is universal to all the MMOG's we play. However, you may notice a code or rule that does not apply. For instance, World of Warcraft has no sub-guilds, assets, or kill on sight (kos) lists while Shadowbane does.

If you have any questions over a code or rule please contact me via email or post on our boards.


Code of Conduct & Rules

Code of Conduct

No guild or sub-guild member shall grief other players. No member shall steal from fellow guild mates or allies. This includes directly from their inventory or indirectly by sneaking around a camp and looting corpses of monsters before the players can. Members shall engage in combat only with our enemies, or people encroaching on our territory that aren't welcome.

No member shall smack talk to others. Constant swearing in any game is immature. Keep swearing and "l33t sp33k" to a minimum. The Parliament of Rooks thrives in player-vs-player (PvP) environments, which means that you can and will die to other players. Get used to it. If someone kills your character, don't spam, beg, trash-talk or insult them. PvP is much more enjoyable if there is a sense of mutual respect on both sides. The Parliament of Rooks is to present itself to the PvP world respectfully.  When one person gets out of line, we all look bad. If you think that your actions may reflect poorly on the rest of the guild, then use common sense and refrain from acting. If disputes arise allow an officer, or the highest-ranking guild member of the group, deal with it. Don’t attempt to undermine or overrule them.

The Parliament's members are not to randomly PK anybody. If a Parliament member is a victim of PKing or stealing, then use discretion in your reaction. Getting revenge may lead to broader conflict, which we do not need. Contact an officer for permission to act, and make sure to have the facts straight before acting.

Being part of the guild is like being part of a family. This means that you are expected to support your fellow guild mates in any way possible. Contributing an item to somebody in need is expected. Do not sell items to guild mates. Never leave a guild mate to die alone, never scam a guild mate, and never deliberately attack a guild mate except under tournament conditions or horseplay (make sure both parties want to mess around). Attacking a guild mate to punish or get back at them is grounds for dismissal and possible addition to the Parliament of Rooks KOS list. If you have a problem with another member, then take screenshots and report the incident(s) to the Parliament of Rooks leadership.

Should a member of the guild or sub-guild not follow the above rules, they shall be dealt with harshly.

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Exploits – We do not condone knowingly using cheats or exploits in this game (duping, etc.) for any reason. If a member is suspected of cheating please contact the Parliament of Rooks leadership and report them. If possible, provide a screenshot or recording of the member cheating.  Allegations will result in a thorough investigation of that member. Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Scamming – If you offer something for trade or in payment of an item, do not renege or scam the other person. If it is discovered that any member has been doing this, they will be removed from the guild. Trust is a hard thing to earn, don’t ruin it for everyone in the guild by being a scammer.

Trashtalk – Once again, this is strongly discouraged for all members, regardless of the situation. However, if you get some dirt ball that chews your ear off long enough, almost anyone will respond in kind. Squelching the character and/or the account will give you peace and quiet. We also discourage excessive cursing and racial comments of any sort. The Parliament of Rooks is made up of a widely diverse group of members, from many countries and nationalities. Respect is the key for everyone.

Message Boards (Public and Private) – The Parliament of Rooks members use the message boards to get to know others, and to communicate with guild persons. Board warrioring is frowned upon, especially on the public guild boards. If you have a reasonable argument or point of view, you may state it and move on, but excessive arguing makes the guild look immature. This also includes insulting other posters for thier posting skills or ridiculing them for any reason.

Recruiting* – There are leadership appointed recruiting officers. They are the only ones that can invite a new member to join. Do not allow outsiders to swear into the guild without permission. We seek out the best players for the benefit of the guild, but that does not mean we allow just anyone to join. Our recruiting process is not supposed to be easy. If a recruit isn't willing to put any effort into joining, then perhaps The Parliament of Rooks is not the right guild for them. However, all recruits who are real-life friends/family of a current, non-probationary member, must inform the recruiting officer that they are a friends/family and have the member they are related to vouch for them. This allows them to bypass most of the recruiting process in many cases.


*Much of the information regarding the recruiting process pertains to Shadowbane due to the extreme political nature of the game and the threat of spies (yes, it happened). Gaining admittance into PoR in other games is much easier. Simply read through our website and post on our boards in the "Joining PoR-WoW" forum.

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