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The Parliament of Rooks (PoR) in Shadowbane is an honor guild on Vengeance server. This means we don't screw over our allies and won't mistreat our enemies. PoR is a territorial guild and we have staked our claim in the far north where we built our capitol, Sepulchre. We are also a political guild and have many allies, enemies, and guilds whom we are neutral with. 

PoR is not a Random Player Killer (RPK'ers) guild, meaning we do not go around killing for the sake of killing. Only enemies, and unknowns in our lands are killed. Outside our lands we tend to leave people be and we operate according the political stances of our nation.

PoR does not shy away from PvP. We enjoy it and participate in battles ranging from small group versus group skirmishes to large hundred person battles.

All races and classes are welcome to join the guild. We prefer experienced players who know how to coordinate and participate in large battles but we also accept new players into the guild.

Our Lore:

All us rooks are outcasts. One way or another we have been outsted, either by our family, clan, the world at large, or we have gone into self-exile. 

In our lonely travels we rooks have found each other. We have learned to trust, and love one another and have become a family. This is why many members have adopted the last name, Aeolius. It means Storm, for we all have a tempest brewing in the bowels of our souls; it is a hatred and pain, bottled up inside, wanting to get out and strike at those who faulted us. But that storm is calmed through each other. The companionship gained has placated the rage within. 

Aeolius is the outcast's name. Will you choose to take it? Time will tell. Tell us your story, and we will listen.

We know there are many still wandering the lands–cold, hungry, and alone. We offer our city, Sepulchre, as a place of refuge. Come join the Parliament of Rooks. Do not waste away alone anymore. There is a place for you with us.

The Rook's Oath:

  • Offer asylum to outcasts
  • Destroy the persecutors
  • Act with honor
  • Take responsibility for words and deeds
  • Defend the guild, it's members, and home
  • Honor allies and compliment worthy adversaries
  • Toast the fallen
  • Share stories of adventure and heroism so others might learn from our experience
  • Give to fellow guild members without expecting compensation
  • Respect those who earn it

Betrayal shall be met with VENGEANCE!

Mourning Glory:

In September of 2004, PoR moved from Vengeance Server to Mourning Server and we tried our hand at forming a role-playing guild. We adopted the Temple of the Cleansing Flame lore and were fairly strict. We only allowed humans and the following classes: Templar, Confessor, Warrior, Priest, Healer Channeler, Rogue Bard, Rogue Assassin, and Scout. We did not allow wereforms (although there was much debate to allow werewolf), a few other "non-temple compliant" disciplines, or mage based classes.

As a Temple guild our enemies consisted of anyone not human and those who intermingled with heathonous classes and enemy races. As such our pvp philosophy more or less became, "Kill the blue dots!" as Axtor put it. Such is the life of the zealot.

We established a small city in the eastern desert, leveled as we could, and killed those not living by the laws of Malorn. We did not claim any land as we did on Vengeance, but we did defend our town and mine as needed.

Moving to Mourning Server and embracing an RP lore and playstyle (some more than others) was the last effort of our guild to renew interest in Shadowbane. It worked for the first few weeks. We leveled quickly, built up a sizeable city, bought good equipment and began pvp'ing in earnest (with a good success rate).

Unfortunately, the interest was not maintained and at the end of November, 2005 PoR left Shadowbane.

The Future:

There may come a time when Parliament of Rooks flies again in the world of Aerynth. For now we bide our time in the shadows waiting, always waiting . . .