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Guilds have leaders, but they are run with the help of many people, working together to advance the goals of the guild and helping out when the leader is indisposed.

These goodly people are the Inner Council (IC), Recruiting Officers, and Diplomatic Officers of The Parliament of Rooks.  They help run the guild, and make the leader's life easier all around.

If you are in need of contacting the Parliament of Rooks to join the guild, establish diplomatic relations, or settle a dispute please send a tell to the appropriate person in game, or post on our message boards. As always doing a /who for one of our members, then asking for an IC will bring you to us quickly.

Note: After a brief retirement I reassumed leadership upon Ka'wa's departure. Many thanks to Ka'wa, our intrepid Aracoix Scout, for filling in.

Parliament Officer Titles:

Guild Leader
The core of any guild, the leader encompasses all the positions. It is a job that requires patience, an open mind and heart, a willingness to listen to others, and to help those in need.

Sedare Aeolius
Giddeon Aeolius–An Alt.

The Inner Council
These members are my closest advisors and carry out any orders given. They also provide much needed feedback and advice on what to do in certain situation.

Recruiting Officers
Key members of the guild, these officers help recruit new people, see how they are doing and aid in any questions they might have. Their actions and words act as the first impression to any possible recruits of what our guild would be like for said recruit.

Without Recruiting Officers any guild would stagnate from loss of members.

Diplomatic Officers
Heavy is the hand, head, and heart of this position. It can easily be the most stressful since any alliance, peace, or aggression pact is very fragile. One wrong word and war could ensue.