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The Parliament of Rooks (PoR) is an online gaming guild formed in the Summer of 2003 while playing the massively multi-player online role-playing game, Shadowbane (SB) on the Treachery Server. The guild initially started out as a pet project to build a town and play with the city management system the game offered. We were a small neutral merchant town consisting of maybe 10 strangers whom I recruited. 

In October, 2003 the guild moved to Vengeance Server and established a stronghold in the north.  Our numbers grew as did our skills.  On this server we were at our strongest.

While our guild population ebbed and flowed like the tides and while we never were quite as strong as we were when on Vengeance, I am still very proud of what my guild has become. Parliament of Rooks has transcended being just a gaming guild to being an online community with close ties to each other.

The strength of PoR comes from the friendships forged while playing a game. Many joined our guild, some for only a short time, while others continue to play and contribute to the guild's growth. There are many Rooks that I consider great friends even though I have never met any of them in person.  The bond of friendship, good gaming, and comraderie makes the Parliament of Rooks what it is.  We take care of our own and try to uphold the rules of the guild. 

While we are no longer present in a game as a guild, many of use still find time to play. Most of us are still looking for that next great game where we canl all come together and have a ball doing so!

If you wish to join our guild in any of the games we currently play, or plan on playing, please post on our forums or contact me via e-mail. 

To get more information on what our Shadowbane and World of Warcraft factions were like, click the links on this page.

Seth/Sedare Aeolius
Guild Leader & Founder of Parliament of Rooks

PoR's Mission Statement:

First and foremost, the purpose of our guild, and our goal in the games we play, is to have fun. If the conduct that is expected of you as a member of the Parliament of Rooks prevents you from enjoying yourself, then address the issue, or seek membership elsewhere. Parliament of Rooks is a guild of gamers who enjoy each other’s fellowship. Members are expected to be mature and courteous in dealing with guild mates and non-guild personnel. Members are also expected to aid guild mates in every way that they can.

One of our greatest strengths is communication. Members are expected to check our message boards regularly to keep up with the latest news and discussions concerning the guild and the games we play (or will play). If you cannot be bothered with reading the boards then the Parliament of Rooks is not for you.