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All us rooks are outcasts. One way or another we have been outsted, either by our family, clan, the world at large, or we have gone into self-exile. 

In our lonely travels we rooks have found each other. We have learned to trust, and love one another and have become a family. This is why many members have adopted the last name, Aeolius. It means Storm, for we all have a tempest brewing in the bowels of our souls; it is a hatred and pain, bottled up inside, wanting to get out and strike at those who faulted us. But that storm is calmed through each other. The companionship gained has placated the rage within. 

Aeolius is the outcast's name. Will you choose to take it? Time will tell. Tell us your story, and we will listen.

We know there are many still wandering the lands–cold, hungry, and alone. Come join the Parliament of Rooks. Do not waste away by yourself anymore. There is a place for you within the parliament.

The Rook's Oath:

  • Offer asylum to outcasts
  • Destroy the persecutors
  • Act with honor
  • Take responsibility for words and deeds
  • Defend the guild, it's members, and home
  • Honor allies and compliment worthy adversaries
  • Toast the fallen
  • Share stories of adventure and heroism so others might learn from our experience
  • Give to without expectations of compensation
  • Respect those who earn it

Betrayal shall be met with VENGEANCE!