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Earthdawn is a roleplaying game I have played for several years. Over that time, I have developed an immense love for the game as a player, a game master, as well as a reader of the sourcebooks, stories, and fan sites.

So far, I have invented a new discipline and a creature, both of which can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on the buttons above.

I will continue adding more material when I have time. You can see this material by clicking on the link at the top of the page (this is fan created and unofficial). Click on pathways for links to Earthdawn related sites.

What is a roleplaying game? For me, it is a great time to let my imagination soar, let my fantasies become a reality (even if only for a short time and in a limited way), and most important of all, it is a time when I can relax and hang out with my friends. It is our “poker” night.

What is a roleplaying game?

You might know the definition of a roleplaying game, but do you know what Earthdawn is? It is a game set thousands of years ago during the 4th age of Earth (we are currently in the 5th age). A post-apocalyptic time, the catastrophic event known as the Scourge is ending, and vile creatures known as Horrors are receding from the land. It is a time of recovery for the inhabitants, but it also a time to still be on guard. Many Horrors still remain in the lands of Barsaive, and elsewhere. They hunt and frighten the people of Earth, feeding on their fear for sustenance.

Earthdawn is also a time of legends; when heroes, who are born and remembered, make their way through the land of Barsaive. They etch out their story through deeds, either for good or ill. Legends aren't only made by the just.

Some people walk a path tread by few. It is the path in which Magic touches a person, and gives them special abilities. These people are called Adepts. Through experience, these magical abilities grow. Adept’s powers take different forms. For example, Magic may imbue an Adept with superior sword skills: Allowing them to cut down several enemies or to block many blows. For other Adepts, Magic gives them the ability to harness and solidify Magic in the form of spells. Each path an Adept takes is different, but all of their abilities stem from Magic.

This is only a brief synopsis; it really cannot do complete justice to the game that is Earthdawn. The game has so much depth that the only way you can really get to know Earthdawn is to play it, and by reading books produced by FASA and Living Room Games.

As a Gamemaster and an enthusiastic player, I have unofficially and officially contributed to Earthdawn by inventing new creatures, disciplines, items, and adventures. I've also been fortunate enough to have a piece published in RedBrick LLC's Namegivers of Barsaive.

If you have any questions about what I’ve made, or the game in general, please contact me by e-mail or post on my message boards. If you ever feel like talking of the legend that is Earthdawn, come on by.

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