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Mariposas flit along on fluttering wings against a breeze, a wind, a hurricane gale only to land on emerald needles far away.

Languishing not for long. They consumate the end of a journey in a blur of orange and black. Life is given in the brief moment of fluttering, flitting wings.


My name is Seth Feierstein. I am a husband, a father, a writer, a designer.



Note: All artwork is not mine (unless stated). Most images are by Dave McKean and were taken from the book Sandman: Dust Covers. Most Earthdawn Images were taken from the following books: Earthdawn Rulebook, Earthdawn Companion, and Denizens of Earthdawn, Volume One & Two, Crystal Raiders, and The Horror Handbook published by FASA. Other images are by various artists and can be found at Fantasy FineArt. All images were altered in Adobe Photoshop and used without permission, but with great respect towards the artists and their work.

I would like to thank the people at for hosting this site. Their many answers to my many questions were a great help to me.