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"I want these."

–Straum, Human Thief

In this section you will find various ED creations ready for downloading. While the Investigator and Horror construct, Dolly, are of my own making, the Dragons Sourcebook is the last book available by FASA, which they released as a free PDF. If you were having trouble finding this book, look no further.

Be sure to have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. It's free to download.

Check back often. You may find something new to download.

MS Word Version
PDF Version

PDF Version

The Blood Wood
A foreboding building
The same building seen Astral Sight
Burning Buildings
A monument shrouded by trees
Sunset over Barsaive
Ancient Books and Scrolls

MS Word Version
PDF Version

Brother Elf, Father Rock

Note: The PDF download of Brother Elf, Father Rock (BEFR) is no longer in its entirety. I have removed it and replaced it with the first chapter as I will soon be revising the first part and starting the second part. Also, as I wish to publish this one day, I cannot have it available online.

The staggered look of the PDF is not a mistake. It appears as it would when being sent to the presses (or Kinko's, which I used) for printing.

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