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The great war has come and gone. Many fell fighting to preserve our ways of life and many lands were horribly altered by the conflagration brought about by the Burning Legion, but now is the time to heal.

I invite all those orphaned by tumult on Azeroth to join the Parliament of Rooks. You will find a home with us where you had none before. You will find a family, one who won't replace your lost loved ones but will love you just the same. And for those wo could not adapt to the newfound peace, who had nowhere to go and was not accepted by those they once called friends, I say, you have a home within the Parliament.

Procedures on joining:
Joining is easy, but there are stipulations, there are always stipulations. We accept any race and any class into our guild , but in order to join the Parliament of Rooks you must adhere to our rules. When online, ask for me, Sedare, or a senior guild member about joining. They will help you. You can get a list of all the Rooks online by typing, "/who rooks."

Also, register and post on our message boards in the "Joining PoR-WoW" forum.  Give your in-game name and times you play. 

If you cannot follow the above procedures, then perhaps the Rooks are not for you.