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First and foremost, our goal in World of Warcraft is to have fun.

Parliament of Rooks is an Alliance guild on Hellscream Server. We are a guild of outcasts for outcasts. As refugees of the great war that nearly tore Azeroth apart, we have congregated together to rebuild the world and vanquish those who would stop us. We embrace all races of the alliance and the beliefs they carry with them.

Note: As Blizzard releases more historical information about the game and as I learn more through research our lore will expand and get more in depth. However, I think that the lore the guild was formed on is universal and applies to World of Warcraft just as it did to Shadowbane.

Also, PoR will have a Horde faction on another server, but it has yet to be decided whether or not our Horde toons will be on a PVP or RP server.

The Rook's Oath:

  • Offer asylum to outcasts
  • Destroy the persecutors
  • Act with honor
  • Take responsibility for words and deeds
  • Defend the guild, it's members, and home
  • Honor allies and compliment worthy adversaries
  • Toast the fallen
  • Share stories of adventure and heroism so others might learn from our experience
  • Give to fellow guild members without expecting compensation
  • Respect those who earn it

Betrayal shall be met with VENGEANCE!