Title: Worlds Without End
Author: Caroline Spector
Abbreviation: WWE

Product Number: FAS5496
ISBN #: 0-451-45496-0
Price: $4.99

"Aina remembers the world of centuries ago—she was there. Now she's here in the Awakened era of shadowrunners and simulations, magic and metas. And she may have brought an old nemesis with her . . . .

This new evil is as ancient and powerful as time. It does not bend before assassins, megacorps, shamans, or dragons. Aina, Harlequin, and their fellow immortal elves might have the power to stop it . . . but will she be able to convince them to join the battle before it's too late?"

Note: While Worlds Without End takes place in the Shadowrun world and is a Shadowrun book, I put it amongst the Earthdawn books because it is part three of a trilogy that spans both worlds. Scars and Little Treasures (Not yet published in English), parts one and two respectively, take place in the time of Earthdawn.