Title: Throal Adventures
Abbreviation: Tad

Product Number: FA6308
ISBN #: 1-55560-300-9
Price: $12.00

"From beneath the Nine Halls of Throal and the Kingdom's Inner Cities come three tales of adventure and mystery to challenge even the bravest and most cunning heroes.

* The search for the culprits behind a rash of thefts in Throal's Grand Bazaar leads to an isolated village of    subterranean t'skrang on the shore of a river that has myseriously run dry . . .

* Strange rumblings beneath the nearly completed Inner City of Hustane threaten the city's safety. Adepts sent    to investigate discover a danger more terrible than anyone suspected . . .

* An ambitious ork merchant hopes ot rediscover the ancient underground route between the Kingdom of    Throal and the Serpent River. Unfortunately, everhy expedition he hires to search for it disappears in the    kingdom's long-abandoned depths . . .

Beneath its tranquil facade, the Kingdom of Throal hides endless opportunity for thrilling adventure. Throal Adventures is a collection of three Earthdawn adventures for characters of Third to Sixth Circles."