Title: Earthdawn Trilogy, Book One: The Longing Ring
Author: Chris Kubasik
Abbreviation: TLR

Product Number: FA5336
ISBN #: 0-451-45336-0
Price: $4.99

"The Thief Adept was named Garlthik, a being pursued by a mighty magician bent on reclaiming the ring the ork had stolen. With no other choice, Garlthik entrusted both the magic ring and his own life to J'role, a young man cursed by a terrifying burden—unwilling host to one of the Horrors which ages before had driven mortals, elves, dwarves and the like to seal themselves behind spell barriers. But now the age of hiding was over, and the search for the treasures of Atlantis was about to begin.

Hoping to free himself from the creature within by going on a quest with the ork, J'role willingly abandoned his village for the lure of adventure. But, possessed by both his own Horror and the ring's seductive promise of a city of light, and pursued by enemies with much more power than his own, J'role was about to discover that there were far worse fates than staying home . . ."