Title: Talisman
Author: Edited by Sam Lewis
Abbreviation: Tal

Product Number: FA5444
ISBN #: 0-451-45444-8
Price: $4.99

"A hole in space-time brought the Horrors through to their world. It drove all who feared for their lives, minds, and souls to seal themselves away underground behind a powerful spell. Return now to that beginning itme of hte Horrors—when a mortal wizard first wove his magic to creat the amulet which, blessed or cursed, would be passed from wearer to wearer, down through the generations to, warn of the Horrors or those Horror-tainted.

From a village too poor to pay the price for the spells that could keep the Horrors out . . . to a woman willing to risk any terror to avoid being forever sealed underground . . . to a man Horror-claimed and driven to prey upon his own people . . . to a final confrontation and a shattered spell. Here are stories of those who dwell in the Age of Earthdawn. They are warriors in an unending campaign of terror, fighting an enemy with the power to claim their very life force, and armed only with the strength of their words and spells and their grim determination to survive . . . "

Note: This is a compilation of short stories.