Title: Sky Point & Vivane
Abbreviation: Vx

Product Number: FA6108
ISBN #: 1-55560-268-1
Price: $25.00

"In the southwest corner of Barsaive crouches the city of Vivane, the sinister Theran Empire's lone outpost in that ravaged land. Nearby hundreds of feet up in the air atop towering stone pillars, looms the fortress of Sky Point. Sky Point holds a vast fleet of armed airships and massive, floating citadels, all capable of wreaking untold destruction on Barsaive. Together, these two landmarks pose a constant, menacing threat to the lives and freedom of Barsaive's people.

Sky Point and Vivane contains three books:
* an overview of the Theran Empire and the city of Vivane, and a detailed look at the Barsaivian section of Vivane.
* a detailed description of the Theran Quarter of Vivane.
* a complete guide to Vivane Province. This book describes the people and places of Vivane Province, the fortress of Sky Point, and a slavers' town of Vrontok that has sprung up in Sky Point's shadow. It also offers ideas and guidelines for creating adventures in and around Vivane Province.

Also included:
* two 17" x22" maps depicting the city of Vivane and Vivane Province.
* sixteen pages of handouts and props that can help gamemasters bring the city of Vivane and Vivane Province to life for the players."