Title: Sky Point Adventures
Abbreviation: Sky

Product Number: FA6306
ISBN #: 1-55560-279-7
Price: $10.00

"From the Theran-controlled city of Vivane and the military fortress of Sky Point come three tales of intrigue, daring, and magical wonders to challenge even the bravest of heroes.

* Conflict and conspiracy among Theran Nobles leads to a search for stolen coins and a dangerous    confrontation in the Undercity beneath Vivane's Broken Quarter . . .

* When a document vital to the Barsaivian Resistance falls into the hands of one of Vivane's master criminals,    the Resistance must do whatever it takes to get it back—but with the Theran authorities executing all known    Resistance leaders, the rebels need lal the help they can get!

* Beneath Sky Point, a search for a missing person unveils a sinister plot to dominate the minds and wills of    slaves all across the Theran Empire . . .

Sky Point and the neighboring city of Vivane offer countless adventures for those daring enough to venture into Theran Lands! Sky Point Adventures is a collection of three Earthdawn adventures for characters of Second to Fourth Circles. "