Title: Shards Collection Volume One

Product Number: RBL-303
ISBN #: 978-1-877451-18-8
Price: Hardcover: $29.95

Journey to Lang

"While on an errand to a small tributary of the Serpent River, the heroes encounter a village that has fallen prey to the dangers of the Scourge.

Runvier's Tomb

Searching for a magical treasure buried in a tomb under the hills near the ancient troll kingdom of Ustrect, the heroes' patron is playing a foul game, to their cost.

Kept in the Dark

A Traveled Scholar from the fabled Library of Throal needs company on an expedition into the dangerous depths of the Servos Jungle. When the heroes encounter a group of Therans, they are forced to act beyond their employer's brief.

Pale River

From the Grand Bazaar of Throal, this adventure leads the heroes far below the Kingdom of Throal into the underground rivers and caverns—looking for thieves who have so far avoided all efforts at detection.

Tournament Troubles

The heroes take part as champions in the annual tournament that decides Travar's political fate in the coming year. They soon realize that their actions in the tournament will ahve greater consequences than they could ever imagine . . .

The Shards Collection Volume One is an adventure supplement for Earthdawn, containing five stand-alone adventures to challenge Novice through Journeyman characters. Requires use of the Player's and Gamemaster's Compendiums."