Title: The Serpent River
Abbreviation: SR

Product Number: FA6109
ISBN #: 1-55560-288-6
Price: $18.00

"'My people call the Serpent River Shivoam, the River Dragon. On the Dragon's broad back we can ride anywhere—from the gates of Throal to the depths of the Servos Jungle, to the treacherous edges of the Mist Swamps or even into the dark heart of the Blood Wood. The serpent reaches everywhere, tying us all together.'

–Jedaiyan Westhrall, t'skrang riverboat captain

From the loaded cargo boaots of the powerful t'skrang trading houses to the fishing skiffs of a hundred hinterland villages, people of all kinds ply the waters of Barsaive's mightiest river, risking its dangers for profit or adventure. Dangers abound, from hidden currents and swirling rapids to fearsome pirates willing to kill for booty.

The Serpent River sourcebook offers gamemasters and players an indepth look at the Serpent River and the people who live along its shores. This book includes detailed descriptions of six great t'skrang trading houses, the thriving coastal city of Urupa, and various settlements along the Serpent and its major tributaries. It also includes new rules for ship combat, plus descriptions and statistics for several new riverboats and other types of water craft."