Title: Scourge Unending
Abbreviation: SE

Product Number: LRGED-204
ISBN #: 0-97041910505
Price: $18.00

"The war is over. The Therans have been removed from Barsaive. Everything should be fine now, right?

That couldn't be further from the truth. The Horrors are still out there, and their threat is ever-present.

Scourge Unending is a sourcebook covering the Tainted entities that can be found in Barsaive. It updates the beings detailed in the Book of Horrors, and introduces new powerful Horrors and Horror Constructs. Included in Scourge Unending are dozens of plot hooks and all the rules you'll need ot bring these Horrors to your Earthdawn campaign.

Scourge Unending can be used in campaigns of any Circle."