Title: Scars
Author: Caroline Spector
Abbreviation: NA

Product Number: NA
ISBN #:0974573426
Price: $16.95

"'Readers looking for warm-and-fuzzy fantasy need not apply—but those who crave dark, dangerous, powerful fiction had better strap in, bite down, and read SCARS.'

–Bradley Denton


The inhabitants of Barsaive made many sacrifices to survive the 500-year Scourge which ravaged their lush land. The noble Therans built elaborately warded undergorund kaers deep in the Earth, the city of Parlainth shifted to another plane, and the proud Elves of Blood Wood endured the excruciating Rite of Thorns.

Now the Scourge has ended; the metaplanar Horrors have begun to withdraw. Cities are rebuilt, and the peoples of Barsaive are starting to forget.

But Aina cannot forget. Aina carries the scars of the desperate choices she made five hundred years ago—choices which allowed her to survive, but which haunt her as relentlessly as the Horror that trails her every step.

Outcast, immortal, and alone, Aina must return to Blood Wood to gather the threads of her past which can set her free. She will use anything—and anyone—to escape her ancient pact with the Horror and his terrible gift.

If the Horror will let her . . .


CAROLINE SPECTOR has been an Associate Editor for Amazing Stories magazine, the editor of various role-playing game modules, and the author of three computer game hint books.

Scars is the first novel in her Immortals trilogy, which bridges the popular Earthdawn and Shadowrun game universes. It is followed by Little Treasures and the previously published Worlds Without End.

Caroline lives in Texas with her husband, noted game designer Warren Spector."