Title: Prophecy
Author: Greg Gorden
Abbreviation: Pro

Product Number: FA5428
ISBN #: 0-451-45428-6
Price: $4.99

"The Horrors had once ruled the world, devouring souls and civilizations alike. But now mortals have reclaimed much of the lands for their own, and the biggest worry a wizard has these days is choosing the right mark to fleece—or so the wizard Cymric thinks until he is hired to lift a curse on a town well. He barely escapes with his life as he succeeds in freeing the well's water sprite.

Soon after Cymric makes the mistake of agreeing to undertake yet another seemingly simple taks—a journey with Leandra, a beautiful swordmaster, on her quest to obtain an ancient calendar which holds the secret of her past and the prophecy of her future. What Cymric doesn't know is that she is destined to stand against a Horror that is rapidly growing in power—a Horror that might soon breach the barrier between the astral and the mortal planes and begin its deadly reconquest of humankind . . ."