Title: Earthdawn Trilogy, Book Three: Poisoned Memories
Author: Chris Kubasik
Abbreviation: PP

Product Number: FA5339
ISBN #: 0-451-45339-5
Price: $4.99

"Death's Sea was the last place on J'role's mind when he risked his life in a desparate attempt to save a child pursued by Horrors. Yet for all his thief's magic, for all his experience with the Horrors—who could steal both mind and soul—J'role could offer only temporary safety to the dwarf boy Neden, son and heir to King Varulus. For Neden's true enemy was not some nameless Horror, but Mordom whom J'role had slain long years before. To Mordom, capturing J'role was an unexpected bonus—an old enemy to be tortured for amusement and whatever knowledge he might possess.

But J'role's need to escape was greater than the bonds that held him, driving him to choose certain destruction in Death's Sea to imprisonment on Mordom's airship. Yet J'role was about to discover that Death's realm held many surprises. And that sometimes, if a mortal was desparate enough and his cause important enough, even Death might give him a second chance . . ."