Title: Path of Deception
Abbreviation: PoD

Product Number: LRGED-100
ISBN #: 1-55560-450-1
Price: $14.00

"The Circle Path Company, a Throalic Merchant House, did not survive the Battle of Prajjor's Field unscathed. Now it finds itself under inexperienced and reluctant leadership. When this new leader becomes lost in the ruins of Parlainth, a band of Adepts is assembled to discover what has happened to the missing head of the company. From the streets of Haven, to the Horror-infested sewers of Parlainth, the path of that investigation is one fraught with peril, where the truth is as rare a commodity as a place of sanctuary . . .

An Earthdawn adventure for characters of Third to Fifth Circles.

Introducing a new Discipline, the Bodyguard!"