Title: Parlainth: The Forgotten City
Abbreviation: Px

Product Number: FA6104
ISBN #: 1-55560-243-6
Price: $25.00

"The ruins of Parlainth beckon the bold explorer, promising profit and peril. For centuries, this fabled Theran city lay hidden in astral space, all knowledge of it erased by a powerful spell until a thief and his apprentice found the lost magic that would bring Parlainth home. Now this ancient seat of Theran power has returned to the land of Barsaive, its people slain and its buildings and streets ravaged by Horrors. Vast sections of it remain unexplored, concealing glittering treasures and objects of unknown power behind crumbling walls and in the dank catacombs. Only the boldest adventurers dare explore mysterious Parlainth, risking its dangers in search of wealth. Only those with the courage to challenge the fearsome Horrors lurking in its ruins can claim the name of hero.

Parlainth: The Forgotten City contains:
* A 144-page volume that provides a wealth of detail about the Forgotten City and the explorers' outpost of Haven, options for exploring the ruins, and a guide to creating and running adventures in Parlainth.
* Fragments of first-hand information about the mysterious ruins, in the form of documents written or discovered by previous explorers.
* 18 full-color treasure and creature cards.
* A full-color, fold-out map of the ruins of the Forgotten City."