Title: Earthdawn Trilogy, Book Two: Mother Speaks
Author: Chris Kubasik
Abbreviation: MS

Product Number: FA5338
ISBN #: 0-451-45338-7
Price: $4.99

"Releanna had kept her twin sons safe with her magic all their young lives. She had long thought that their father, J'role, who appeared for a day or two and then vanished for months, was what they most needed protection from—but that was before the Therans returned. The Therans had once ruled all these lands through their magical devices and their prowess at war. Yet they had vanished so long ago they'd become mere lengends with which to frighten the young. Until that fateful day when their flying castles, their ships of stone, appeared once again in the skies above. Her children taken captive and herselfe enslaved, Releanna swore she would find a way to save her boys. And, thanks to magic gone awry, both she and J'role won free of their Theran masters—only to fall into the clutches of the mountain trolls known as crystal raiders. And it was that fateful encounter that might change the future of humans, trolls, and Therans alike . . ."