Title: White Wolf Magazine #37
Date: 1993
Articles: "Feature Review: Earthdawn" by Stewart Wieck
Pages: 36 - 40

Should I Buy It?:

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A review of the main rulebook which contains an overview of mechanics, dice, disciplines, talents, magic, setting, etc. The author goes to great lengths to compare Earthdawn to the "granddaddy" of fantasy RPGs, AD&D. The author downplayed any innovation Earthdawn brought to the table, calling many things "bells and whistles." Another author, who gave a mini-review within the main one, seemed to like the game more. He stated the only detractor was the use of so many dice (something I thoroughly enjoy!). If you want to read a review, buy this issue. Articles for other games are nice; however, you won't miss anything if you skip this one.