Title: Role Player Independent Vol. 1 Issue #10
Date: September 1993
Articles: "The Kaer of Tardim" by FASA Corporation & "Earthdawn: A Review" by Stig
Pages: 29-36 and 42 & 43

Should I Buy It?:

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Get this issue if you can find it. The Kaer of Tardim is an introductory adventure that was only available via the three handouts FASA sent to gaming stores when the company initially promoted Earthdawn.

The game review is also a great read. There definitely seems to be a consensus amongst most of the reviews I read in all the magazines I've managed to collect and that is: Earthdawn is D&D done right. But with all the praise the game garnered, I still wonder how and why it faltered in 1998. At least it's still going strong.