Title: Inquest Gamer #35
Date: March 1998
Article: "Basic Training: Strategies and Game Ideas for Beginners — Earthdawn" by Steve Kenson
Pages: 68 - 71

Should I Buy It?:

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This neat article details how to create an Earthdawn character. Key points include choosing a race and a discipline, casting spells, and performing combat. There are even a few ideas gamemasters, especially beginners, can latch onto. Finally, there is a sample character, a 3rd Circle T'skrang Swordmaster, complete with stats and a brief bio. You could use the article as a quick way to introduce someone to Earthdawn, especially if you're trying to convince the person into either trying a new game or playing an RPG for the first time. If you don't need the Earthdawn CD-ROM, you could probably skip this one.

If you are wanting to get this magazine for the Earthdawn CD-ROM and find it for sale be sure the disc is included before you make your purchase.