Title: Lost Kaer
Author: Nigel D. Findley
Abbreviation: LK

Product Number: FA6500
ISBN #: 1-55560-274-6
Price: $5.99

"So the old books proclaim, but this ancient prophecy is starting to look hollow for the people of Kaer Moar. Sealed inside for more than five hundred years, the kaer's population is becoming more and more divided—and depressed—every day. The magical device created to signal the end of the Scourge hasn't moved in years, and when newly discovered documents indicate that the Scourge will never end and the kaer will never open, morale hits an all-time low.

Delain Evenstar, a young troubadour, notices something is wrong—but what? When he and his friends discover that the keystone warding off the Horrors is damaged, they decide to fight the doomsayers and save the kaer. But they face a terrible choice. Do they risk their lives to determine whether the Scourge still rages outside or do they remain within, where an enemy worse than any Horror may lurk, threatening to consume their kaer and the pitiful souls of its
inhabitants . . . "