Title: Legends of Earthdawn Volume One
Abbreviation: LE

Product Number: FA6103
ISBN #: 1-55560-235-5
Price: $10.00

"Horrors and Heroes, kings and common folk, all have their place in the colorful legends of Barsaive. From the tale of a magic mirror that ensnares the souls of all who gaze into it, to the hero Ciarra Shy-Ru, who captured a Horror with a magical chain and sacrificed her life to slay it, the legends shared among the people of Barsaive form a tapestry that is the living history of the province and its people.

Legends of Earthdawn Volume I offers players and gamemasters 30 legends told among the people of Barsaive, involving heroes, Horrors, and legendary magical treasures. This book also provides suggestions for creating adventures based on each of the legends including selected game statistics for Horros and magical items."