Title: Immortal Twilight
Author: Hank Woon
Abbreviation: IT

Product Number: RBL-802
ISBN #: 978-1877451-45-4
Price: Softcover: $22.95 Hardcover: $35.95

"It had just been over a year since Daylen Jagaro faced down the forces of darkness atop the blasted slopes of Mount Tihan. Journeying across cathay with his ferret companion Bik-Bik, he has since been cataloguing the wondrous land in hopes of one day returning the information to the Great Library of Throal back home.

But Daylen's days of adventure are not over. Meeting up once again with Su Shen the Daughter of Heaven, Daylen suddenly finds himself on a rescue mission, delving deep into the hostile Land of Gar to save his old friend and comrade, Bei the jade obsidiman.

There they meet Chi-Len, a young and mysterious girl with golden eyes who is being hunted by the Shadowed. Who is she, and what does the sinister cult want with her? As the adventurers search for the answers, they find themselves pursued, and soon they discover they must face an awakened evil, one the shattered Empire is not ready to face . . ."