EarthDawn Main Rulebook

Title: Gamemaster Pack
Abbreviation: GM1

Product Number: FA6002
ISBN #: 1-55560-217-7
Price: $12.00

"The Earthdawn Gamemaster Pack includes a screen, new treasure cards, and the Gamemastering Earthdawn book—everything gamemasters need to create and run adventures and campaigns in the Age of Legend. The screen features the tables and charts used most often in Earthdawn, including an expanded Step/Action Dice Table and Success Level Table and quick reference tables for generating character statistics in a hurry. A full-color sheet of treasure cards illustrates nine new treasures for gamemasters to add to their games.

The Gamemastering Earthdawn book picks up where the Earthdawn rulebook left off, offering more helpful suggestions for creating, and running Earthdawn adventures and campaigns. This book features optional rules, new treasures, more on blood magic, and profiles of gamemaster characters. The final sections of the book provide all the most important tables in Earthdawn in one place for easy reference, and several forms designed to help the GM keep the game running smoothly."