Title: Earthdawn Journal, Vol. 8
Abbreviation: EDJ8

Product Number: SOK108
Price: $6.50

Journal Contents:

Arms and Services — A visit to the weaponsmith by Aaron Porter
This article details a weaponshop, the owner, and various items including some Thread Weapons.

The Town of Woes — fiction by Karen M. Branham

Setting Up a Campaign — Suggestions on campaign creation by Richard Tomasso
Tips on how to create and start a good Earthdawn campaign

Songsmith — fiction by Vicki Kirchoff-Martin

Ithuriel's Archery — A selection of arrows by Mike Swiernik
Descriptions of magical and non-magical arrows, arrow heads, and other archery related thread items

Blood Wood Magical Items — From the upcoming Blood Wood book by FASA

Corrupt Spirits — A selection of nasties by Dan Allard
Detailed descriptions of spirits corrupted by the Scourge for use in your Earthdawn adventures.

Children of Jaspree — A collection of critters by Andrew Ragland, Eric Campeau, & Victor M. Mariotte

The Pointless Swords — A collection of swords by Graeme Lindsell
Magical swords, and the story of their creator.

Unpleasant Blood Charms — A couple of new blood charms by Graeme Lindsell
An article providing the details of two blood charms you wouldn't necessarily use, but to illustrate this type of magic's heinous nature.

The Wandering Swordsman — A new discipline by Sean Simmons

Hammerstone — A town near the Tylon Mountains by Jeremy Mettler

Longhope's Legacy — A selection of new magic items by Roger Gaudreau