Title: Earthdawn Journal, Vol. 7
Abbreviation: EDJ7

Product Number: SOK107
Price: $6.50

Journal Contents:

Tesrae Ti'Serenmistishsa Citadel of the Ture Followers by Andrew Ragland

On Dinganni Spiritualism Exploring the depths of Dinganni society by Brian McCallister

From the Library of Victoris Wiseman A selection of items by Timothy Reynolds

Sarabrennos' Spellbook A selection of spells by Aaron Sullivan

Pattern Patter A discourse on patterns by David R. Henry

The Protector of Kaer Tallin An encounter by Brian McCallister

And the Path Shall Be Perilous An adventure by Kenyon Daniel

Brazt'ul-char A "friendly" Horror by David R. Henry

Truaga'ar A town of trolls by Dan Allard

Outcasts A pair of dwarven outcasts to encounter by Aaron Porter