Title: Earthdawn Journal, Vol. 6
Abbreviation: EDJ6

Product Number: SOK106
Price: $6.00

Journal Contents:

The Opening of Kaer Kalin An unopened kaer sends out explorers by Michael A. Swiernik

On Dinganni Spiritualism: Vengeance Exploring the depths of Dinganni society by Brian McCallister

Cookery of Barsaive A selection of delectables by Andrew Ragland

Potions of Barsaive A selection of alchemical creations by Tim Reynolds

On Elemental Items A selection of common magical items by Steve Kenson

The K'stulaami Taildancer A new discipline for the k'stulaami by Michael E. Colton

Children of Jaspree More new creatures from Andrew Ragland

Icebringer The tale of a horror by Dan Allard

1995 GenCon Earthdawn Tournament A report on the Earthdawn tournament by Michael E. Colton

Legend: The Stolen Sword A legend from Iopos by Andrew Ragland

Legend: Andelin A lost elven city by David Caraley

Test of Courage An adventure with the Orcs by David Caraley

Legend: Neeza's Pipes A windling's pipes save a village by David Caraley

For Such is the Truth Magic Items from Steve Kenson