Title: Earthdawn Journal, Vol. 5
Abbreviation: EDJ5

Product Number: SOK105
Price: $6.00

Journal Contents:

Thicker Than Water — A closed kaer holds a hidden danger — fiction by Vicki Kirchhoff-Martin

On Dinganni Spiritualism — Exploring the depths of Dinganni society by Brian McCallister

More on Adventure Logs in Earthdawn — A discourse on adventure logs by Aaron K. Funk

Night of Desire — An adventure in the bowels of Kratas by David Caraley

Days of Vengeance — The followup adventure to Night of Desire by David Caraley

Useful Magical Items — More common magic items to blow your money on by Andrew Ragland

Earthdawn Q & A — Lou answers more questions from the readership!

The Windsong — An inn in Bartertown by David Caraley

The Floating Kaer — A legend for Earthdawn by Andrew Ragland

Reflex Booster — New blood magic from Ash Black

The Songsmith — A new elven discipline by Craig Wright

For Such is the Truth — More new legends from the legendary Steve Kenson!