Title: Earthdawn Journal, Vol. 4
Abbreviation: EDJ4

Product Number: SOK104
Price: $6.00

Journal Contents:

Concerning the Weather of Barsaive — A discourse on the weather (or lack thereof) in Barsaive by Andrew Ragland

Shelter from the Storm — A roadside encounter by David Caraley

Streets of Darkness — Adventuring in Jerris can be, well, interesting . . . by David Caraley

Combat Mage — A fighting mage discipline by Ash Black

Earthdawn Q & A — Questions answered about Earthdawn by Lou Prosperi

From Upandal's Forge — A powerful new magic item from Paris E. Crenshaw

Kaer Dol'gar — A lost kaer in the Wastes holds danger by David Caraley

The Oasis — An inviting inn for travelers to Travar by David Caraley

For Such is the Truth — A new legend for Earthdawn by Steve Kenson

The Lazy Eye — A sleazy inn for Bartertown patrons by David Caraley