Title: Earthdawn Journal, Vol. 3
Abbreviation: EDJ3

Product Number: SOK103
Price: $5.00

Journal Contents:

Anghali G'Hosteren — A Dinganni "city" in southwestern Barsaive by Andrew Ragland

Bed of Thorns — A piece of fiction with some interesting revelations by Vicki Kirchhoff-Martin

The Spy — A new discipline for those who like to sneak around by Paris E. Crenshaw, III

The Kiss — An adventure with a deadly twist by Greg Gorden

The Grey Wolves — Threatening the piece of Haven, the Grey Wolves stalk by Bill Hincks

T'Skrang Trouble — A troubling encounter on the roads of Barsaive by Devon Schiller

The Grounded — Drakkar An inn located in Jerris by David Caraley