Title: Earthdawn Journal, Vol. 2
Abbreviation: EDJ2

Product Number: SOK102
Price: $4.95

Journal Contents:

Rescue! A harrowing adventure on the shores of Death's Sea by Bill Hincks

Inquisitor An investigative new discipline by Brian C. Schoner

Mystic Warrior A new discipline for those who like to use the natural method by Ash Black

Children of Jaspree A colleciton of creatures to dazzle your players by Andrew Ragland

Earthdawn Q & A Answering all those enquiring questions yous end our way by Lou Prosperi

The Search for Wisdom — Delving into a forgotten tomb, searching for wisdom by David Caraley

Servalen A city deep in the Servos Jungle detailed by Andrew Ragland

Character Creation of Earthdawn Spellcasters A treaty on Earthdawn spellcasters by Drew Caldwell