Title: Earthdawn Journal, Vol. 1
Abbreviation: EDJ1

Product Number: SOK101
Price: $4.95

Journal Contents:

Dying Words — A brief encounter ot plague your players with by Robin D. Laws

Trouble in Red Dirt — A 'troubling' adventure by William Hinks

The City of Ardatha — A complete city on Lake Ban by Andrew Ragland

Hitting the Books . . . — An expansion for the Research skill by Lawrence Barry

Earthdawn Errata — Or, Aaah, that's what that's supposed to be . . .

Children of Jaspree — A collection of new and interesting creatures by Andrew Ragland

The Complete Works of Kree Pela' Zai — Volume One of a windling's journal by Linda Hinks

Those That Stalk the Night . . . — The undead expanded upon by William Hinks