Title: Earthdawn Survival Guide
Abbreviation: ESG

Product Number: FA6112
ISBN #: 1-55560-297-5
Price: $18.00

"From the disease-ridden Mist Swamps, home of the great dragon Aban, to the barren, Horror infested Badlands . . . from the inferno of Death's Sea, domain of fearsome fire spirits to the mysterious Wastes, a smoke enshrouded place of perceptual darkness, the wilds of Barsaive hold lethal dangers for would-be adventurers.

The Earthdawn Survival Guide offers players and gamesmasters a detailed look at the hazards of exploration and adventuring in the land of Barsaive. This sourcebook includes first-person accounts of Barsaive's myriad dangers, from the hazards of underground and wilderness expeditions to the dangers of traveling, as well as descriptions of the Badlands, Death's Sea, the Mist Swamps, and the Wastes. The Survival Guide also features an extensive game-information section that includes rules for travel and exploration hazards, first aid and healing, and guidelines for creating a variety of Earthdawn campaigns."