Title: Earthdawn #2 of 3
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"In an ancient age of magic, heroes re-explore their world, hoping to reclaim it from the devastation wrought by the centuries-long Scourge. At long last emerging from their self-imposed imprisonment in underground shelters, humanity must also fight remnants of the Scourge known as Horrors, creatures from astral space that have ravaged the earth.

At the center of the province of Barsaive lies the dwarven Kingdom of Throal, which has united the peoples of Barsaive since the days of the Scourge. At one time the communities of Barsaive each huddled alone in fear; the dwarves of Throal brought them together by re-establishing trade and commerce throughout the land. Now elves, trolls, orks, and dwarves work together to rebuild the land that is their home.

Far to the southwest of Throal is the great Theran Empire. Before the Scourge, Barsaive was a province of the Theran Empire, self-governed, but still under its domain. Barsaive declared its independence from Thera at the end of the Scourge, setting a new order against the Empire's rule of slavery and oppression.

This is the setting of Earthdawn. The people of Barsaive must fight to reclaim their world from the last vestiges of the Scourge and protect themselves from the flying armada of the Theran Empire, which waits to re-conquer the land that it once ruled.

Coming in 1993!

Earthdawn: This rulebook will provide everything you need to adventure in the world of Earthdawn.
Earthdawn Gamemaster Pack: This pack provides the accessories a gamemaster needs to run an Earthdawn campaign.
Barsaive: This boxed set will provide everything needed to run a campaign in the province of Barsaive.
The Longing Ring: The first Earthdawn novel in a trilogy from ROC Books.

Watch for the third and final Earthdawn flyer in July. Flyer #3 will contain an adventure and simplified rules so that you can begin playing Earthdawn! Don't forget to save this flyer—it contains two of the characters needed to play in the forthcoming adventure.

Save all three flyers and run your first adventure with the full feel of the Earthdawn universe!"

Note: This handout was sent to specialty shops all over to herald the new game, Earthdawn. It contains character descriptions of Me'gana and Targ Boneslicer. Both characters are mentioned many times in the Earthdawn sourcebooks.