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Welcome to the library. By clicking on the buttons below you can cycle through all the Earthdawn books I currently own.
Below you will also find some of the following information that you will see on each page.

The reason I took on this project is because I haven't really seen that many web sites with pictures of Earthdawn books that were of good size, or with any of the text that appears on the back of the book. I also wanted to give people who don't have all the books a chance to see what they look like.

Because the pictures are scans of the books I own, you will notice defects due to wear and tear. If anyone has high resolution images of decent size and would be willing to share them with me, I'd replace my images for those.

As more books are released, I will add them to this library. Have fun browsing, and if you have questions or see a typo please write to me at


Note: All abbreviations are either based off those used by the Earthdawn Publishing Trust from The Book of Tomorrow 5. Their abbreviations stop after Barsaive in Chaos, so any abbreviations after that, including the ones used for the novels, are of my own making. If you know the correct abbreviations for those books please let me know.

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Note: The prices given are the books' original retail prices. The prices may not reflect the actual price I paid for an item, nor do they indicate I am selling any of my books, as I am not.

You will find all text in regards to what is found on the back of the book to be surrounded by quotation marks to show that I am quoting the back cover and not stealing or creating my own text, although I have taken the liberty to correct any typos.

Finally, if you do not feel like cycling through all the pages to get to a specific book, you can click on one of the thumbnails on the Earthdawn Books webpage.


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