Title: Nations of Barsaive Volume IV: Crystal Raiders
Abbreviation: NOB4CR

Product Number: MGP6198
ISBN #: 978-1-907702-64-8
Price: Hardcover: $29.99

"The crystal raiders of the high mountains fly their sleek drakkars in search of ripe, rich targets to loot and plunder. With their gleaming crystal armor and weapons they leap from the decks of their ships into battle, bellowing and bashing down their opposition. The dark shadow of their airships is known and feared all across Barsaive. As one of the most formidable naval forces in the province, not even the Therans are safe from their thirst for revenge. They have played a role in every great battle of Barsaive's history, and may do so again as dark clouds of war gather on the horizon.

Nations of Barsaive Volume Four offers gamemasters and players an in-depth look at the troll raider clans that sail Barsaive's skies and prey on the lowlands. This book details the Twilight Peaks, featuring information on the nine most powerful trollmoots in Barsaive, along with and new material for adventures in the world of Earthdawn.

Requires use of the Earthdawn Player's and Gamemaster's Guides."