Title: Nations of Barsaive Volume I: Throal
Abbreviation: NOB1Th

Product Number: MGP6158
ISBN #: 978-1-907218-37-8
Price: Hardcover: $24.99

"The kingdom of Throal is the heart of barsaive, the center of culture, commerce and knowledge. But the end of its peaceful days is looming on the horizon, as the dwarfs struggle to survive the great war that seems inevitable. The return of the Therans and the brutal assassination of Throal's greatest king have thrown the province off-balance. The only heir to the throne, King Neden, turned out to be a hot-headed youth who began his reign with a military assault against the hated Therans. He failed, and soon realized that the Denairastas of Iopos have played a deadly game to put the dwarf kingdom and the Theran Empire at each other's throats and Throal's population on the verge of civil war. . .

Nations of Barsaive Volume One: Throal offers Earthdawn players and gamemasters an in-depth look at the mighty dwarf kingdom. From the bustling, noisy Grand Bazaar to the majestic chambers of the Royal Hall, this sourcebook offers adventure hooks and reams of additional material for Earthdawn adventures and campaigns set in Throal and the Surrounding area."