Title: Cathay: The Five Kingdoms, Player's Guide
Abbreviation: CatPG

Product Number: MGP6175
ISBN #: 978-1-907702-06-8
Price: Hardcover: $34.99

"For centuries, the lands of the west have been enthralled by tales about the mystical province of Cathay. Far to the East, this mysterious place has always been a symbol of intrigue and wonder. Now, the door to the East is open.

From the lightning-born storm children, to the renowned Xan monks, Cathay's secrets can finally be explored by those brave enough to venture into this troubled, war-torn realm.

Earthdawn is a roleplaying game set in a world of high adventure, high magic, and terrible danger. The Cathay: The Five Kingdoms Player's Guide is a sourcebook for Earthdawn Third Edition, containing everything a player needs for adventuring in the Five Kingdoms of Cathay—new Namegiver races, Disciplines, talents, spells, and much more! Requires use of the Earthdawn Player's and Gamemaster's Guides."