Title: Denizens of Earthdawn Volume Two
Abbreviation: D2

Product Number: FA6102
ISBN #: 1-55560-237-1
Price: $18.00

"Eight Name-giving races dwell in the land of Barsaive, each with its own culture and traditions. Despite their differences, they are bound by shared experiences, beliefs, and love for their land. Together they embody the heart and soul of Barsaive.

Denizens of Earthdawn, Volume II provides an in-depth look at four of the Name-giving races of Barsaive: Dwarfs: stout and stubborn, the industrious dwarfs are the cultural and political leaders of Barsaive. Obsidimen: ancient beings of living rock, these stone giants are perhaps the oldest and most mysterious denizens of Barsaive. Orks: passionate and savage, their love for life is surpassed only by their love for battle. Trolls: bestial in appearance, these gargantuan mountain dwellers are both fierce and honorable.

Denizens of Earthdawn, Volume II desribes the dwarfs, orks, obsidimen, and trolls in detail, and provides race-specific Disciplines, new talents and special rules for playing each race. Heavily illustrated, this fascinating and invaluable reference is for Earthdawn players and gamemasters alike."