Title: Burning Desires
Abbreviation: BD

Product Number: RBL-302
ISBN #: 978-1-877451-26-3
Price: Hardcover: $31.95

"Deep under the mountains, in vast caverns hollowed out by skilled dwarf craftsmen, lie the Inner Cities of the Kingdom of Throal. Far fremoved from the halls of the dwarf kingdom in terms of travel time and political control, the Inner Cities provide a home for thousands of Name-givers. The other races, slowly beginning to outnumber the dwarfs, want more voice in their governance. The chav'ao'ros process, that organizes the neighborhoods into assemblies and provides a means for ordinary people to send their concerns up to the government, provides a small measure of democracy, but not enough to satisfy all of the demands.

Plagued by arson, and with the city either unable or unwilling to find the culprit, the chav'ao'ros assembly of the Fifth Dectant of the Inner City of Oshane turns to a group of adepts for help. The heroes walk straight into the ongoing conflict between the dwarf-led city government, rumored to be corrupt, and the primarily ork Dectant assembly, whose gahad has been collectively roused. Are the fires the work of someone trying to start another race riot? Or is there a more sinister cause? Can the heroes sort it out before one side or the other takes matters into their own hands?

Some days it's not good to be a hero.

Burning Desires is an adventure supplement for Earthdawn Intended for Journeyman characters of any Discipline, this adventuer takes place in the Kingdom of Throal. Requires use of the Player's and Gamemaster's Compendiums."