Title: Adventure Compendium
Abbreviation: EAC

Product Number: RBL-301
ISBN #: Softcover: 978-0-9582661-9-2 Hardcover: 978-0-9582661-8-5
Price: Softcover: $33.95 Hardcover: $43.95 PDF: $23.95

Mists of Betrayal

"A chance meeting with an elderly Wizard leads to a simple errand, one that takes the heroes on a journey of intrigue and betrayal that may end in glory--or death!

Terror in the Skies

Fire-breathing Horrors plague the skies above Travar. The heroes are asked to help, but the search for a means to defeat the creatures leads to a hidden windling kaer and a lost treasure. Mystery and magic are the keys to saving the city!


Deep in the isolated hinterlands of Barsaive, where strangers are met with fear and suspicion, the black-clad fanatics of the Grim Legion purge the land from evil. Who’d have thought that a small band of unsuspecting adventurers would arrive to meddle with the Legion’s affairs?

Shattered Pattern

Someone has stolen the old elf’s memory, and the heroes have few clues. On a quest leading to a treacherous wasteland plagued by the wretched disciples of a terrible Horror, the heroes can only hope to live to tell the tale.


A quest to learn the dark secret of the ancient Blades of Cara Fahd and unlock their magical power takes the heroes across Barsaive, from the ork Kingdom of Cara Fahd, to the dark heart of the Tylon Mountains.

The Adventure Compendium is an an adventure supplement for Earthdawn, containing five classic adventures that can be run as a campaign or stand-alone. Requires use of the Player’s and Gamemaster’s Compendiums."

The Adventure Compendium contains revised versions of the aforementioned titles, along with new adventure hooks, magical treasures, and campaign information."